Greg Keys holds a resumé consisting of 17 years of piano experience, 4 years of live performance experience, and 3 national tours as lead singer of the band City on Down, with a Debut Solo Album set to release Spring of 2019. As Lead Singer, Sole Songwriter, and Executive Producer for the band City on Down’s first album, he started just scratching the surface of the story he wishes to share with the world. From relationships, to his loud lifestyle, to the rush of the extreme highs in life all the way to the depression of dealing with his lowest points, Greg’s music aims to be unapologetic, blunt, and honest. The pop instrumentation and catchy riffs are just a doorway for him to speak a greater story into existence. Like most singers discuss but rarely accomplish, Greg aspires to change the world and spark a new generation of forward thinking that all begins with one word, LOVE.


Greg Keys - Lead Singer/Pianist/Songwriter

Songwriter, Lead Singer, and Curator of everything creative. Greg is the platform for both his music and his soon to launch company, Marbel Music.


Boomer Oyler - Special Events Booking/Assistant Manager

Boomer is Greg’s right hand man for all things booking and business. Whether it’s setting up a major event, meeting with high-end clientele, or officiating future business proposals, Boomers the bridge to bigger and better live shows for your next event.


April Nimmons -Personal Assistant/General Booking

Every Iron-man needs a Pepper Pots, and thats just what April is for Greg’s brand. From organizing daily tasks, setting up meetings, and finalizing both out of town and in town bookings, April is the voice that many will speak to and is the main reason that no opportunity goes unnoticed.l