Stream and preview the new EP


Stream and Preview Gregs new EP on the Homepage under the Soundcloud link, until songs are posted and released on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube in early May. EP overview is described below!

Greg Keys’ Debut EP is one of musical and personal conflict. Stemming from him vs his alter ego Ari Farell, the EP tells the story both lyrically and musically that can only be described and a yin and yang type of comparison. The two genres that are conflicting are the soft rock songs showing comparisons to artists like Ed Sheehan and John Mayer, to his synth pop songs with similarities to artists like Chris Brown and The Chainsmokers. These two different styles are representative of two different battling personalities of their artist, something Greg believes many of us struggle with. We have all gave moments of pride, confidence, and indulge in darker energy, in which these pop songs have stories, moments, and lyrics summing just that up. But we also all have moments of clarity, self-doubt, and introverted-ness that need to be shared among us but often is not. Greg’s goal with this album is to bring both conflicting sides of each of us, the light and the dark, to the surface and allow us to show each other the conflicting sides that rest within each one of us. It’ll be moving, revealing, and hopefully inspiring for each of us to realize that self discovery is just as much coming to terms with our dark traits as it is our good.

Greg Keys